Environmentally friendly app


  • Introduction movie

  • Background

    Global warming is the current increase in temperature of the Earth's surface. For polar areas animals,they affect the most. The ice become increasingly less than before .

  • but...

    so many people don't aware of this problem

    they unconcerned about the global warming and don't believe the impact.


    We design an app to improve people awareness.


    The purpose of this app is to warn people the severity of this issue, mainly through news stories, documentary photography and the built-in ironic games. Meanwhile it also provides suggestions that are easy to carry out in daily life to encourage people to change the current situation of global warming within their power. This app is also a social media platform. You can play games with your friends, or invite new friends so that the idea of environmental protection can be spread wider. When you attain certain achievements, collaborating environmental organizations will do something practical to save the planet. Users may donate to those organizations by shopping in this app. In addition, You can see lovely animals from our AR function, a bonus to the activists.

  • App prototype

    layout design



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  • Game

    Interactive game

    Stop the temperature rise

    Click the red fireball

    Drive away the garbage

    Click the garbage

  • VR

    See the polar area!

    Scan this QR code or Click it!

  • Download AR app now

    Use augmented reality to Improving people's awareness of environmental protection

  • About us

    We are the students of Tongji university, the college of Design and Innovation

    YI Tianya

    Major: media and communication design

    Polar home designer

    "My dream is to change the world by design!"